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Building Websites with Working Search Engine Optimisation; SEO

Making New Technology Pay: Proper SEO

Do not pay a so-called SEO Manager hundreds of dollars a month

Build a Website that Works Properly and the SEO will look after itself

Do you find the internet and all the choices that todays world holds out to you confusing?

Business Websites should primarily be about promotion and selling; they are placed online to capture a market.

Clever graphics and fancy websites may look nice but ultimately do not enhance your business presence online.

A website needs to attract Search Engines as well as visitors; it HAS to WORK!

Aboutime Web Communications and Stacpoole Internet uses the strategies and technologies of the twenty-first century, including SMO [Social Marketing Optimisation] and SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] and make them work for YOUR Business.


Building Websites that Work

Build a Website that Sells YOU not your Developer!

Most websites are unfortuately built by graphic designers and IT 'nerds' - but you need someone who knows MARKETING!

People go to an entertainment website to be entertained, but if you have a product or service oriented site then they come to you for INFORMATION.

People want Information about YOU and your Products or Services.

If you give them the information they want without them having to look too hard for it, then they will stay around your site long enough to purchase your product or at least ask for more information and give you their contact details.


Back Links and SEO

It Is All About 'Relevance'!

The days of dumping hundreds of obscure links to a website on hundreds of other websites to initiate 'back-links' is well and truly gone.

The Internet is now all about 'content' and Search Engines are looking for relevant information to the Title, Description and Keywords on a web page.

The same is true for back-links! Advertising has to be strategically placed on other web pages that relate to your website, the stronger the relevance and the better ranking a website being linked from the more 'relevance' and 'rating' your website will receive.

Design and Development of all Website and Online Requirements

Responsive Web Design - Database and CMS - HTML5 - CSS3 - ASP.NET - CLASSIC ASP

A website has to be well constructed using the different elements and codes available in a way that presents the website not just to visitors but to Search Engine robots.

Search Engines also look to whether or not a website is 'mobile friendly' in rating that website so either RWD (responsive web design) or a basic Mobile App is now a requirement to be rated by Search Engines.

Please feel free to contact us at seo@aboutseo.com.au to obtain more information.

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