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Silver Cloud Wedding Cars SydneySilver Cloud Wedding Car Hire    www.silvercloudcars.com.au

 When my old mate Rob Wilson called me and told me my website was 'not great' (not the exact words used) I must say I was a bit taken back. But once he explained why I was not getting any hits on the site I realised he knew what he was talking about, plus he knew the Wedding Car business. So I took a 'chance' and told him he could try and build me a new one, for less than half the price of the original one that wasn't working! Well the results are astounding! My new site is generating a lot of business and I am confident in the advertising I do to promote it because I know people are impressed when they see it. Thanks Rob you old dog! I owe you one, take care now! 

Ken Collins June 2007
CEO Silver Cloud Wedding Car Hire
Rydalmere (Sydney) New South Wales Australia

Kimberley Sandstone Products BrisbaneKimberley Sandstone Products    www.kimberleysandstone.com.au

 Lyle has just re-built and updated my website. I was very impressed by Lyle's ability to see things from a customers veiwpoint as well as mine as the marketer. His experience in the building industry REALLY helped and his knowledge of what a 'raw' home renovater or new home builder would need was extremely helpful in putting the site together. 

Lani Machado November 2007
CEO Kimberley Sandstone Products
Sandstone Point Queensland Australia

Brisbane Sandstone Supplies    www.brisbanesandstone.com.au

 Hi Lyle, I just wanted to thank you for doing the mobile phone responsive website design for me. It has been working extremely well, generating more enquiry's for me already. I have noticed this thru the website stats page, and phone ringing more often. I tried it out myself, and found it allot easier to navigate to email or phone me instead of searching threw the website for contact details. 

Lani Machado July 2014
CEO Kimberley Sandstone Products
Sandstone Point Queensland Australia

Spine Fit Osteopath Clinics Mandurah and Victoria ParkMandurah Spinefit Backcare Clinic    www.spinefitosteopathy.com.au

 Thanks for the fabulous website, it's looking very good. It has basically half paid for itself (after just three weeks). 

Wayne Sibson December 2011
Mandurah Spinefit
Mandurah Western Australia

Ian Clares Dial A Driver Sydney and Melbourne Dial A Driver Sydney    www.dialadriversydney.com.au

What can I say? A great big thank you for all your efforts. Dial A Driver Sydney is going great guns thanks to you! I thought you would like to know that the promotion you guys have put together for me is working and working well my phone is going all the time and I have been booking heaps of work. I see you have placed the ads for me on the pages on Australia My Land.biz too! I am going to open in Brisbane and Melbourne soon so I would like to place ads for both those states and I will need a couple of websites built. So I just wanted to let you know you have the job! 

Dial a Driver Sydney

The Ink Shop Bribie Island and WyomingThe Ink Shop    www.theinkshop.com.au

 I am growing my business rapidly with four new franchises opening in the last couple of years and three more due to open this year. I needed someone who can build me a site that understood my business and knew what marketing on the internet was all about. I found that person in Lyle of Stacpoole Music and Internet. He is easy to contact and talk to, knows what is required in running a business and is prompt in making the changes to the site when I need them and my new franchisees are very happy with their presence on our site. Great work! 

Eddie Young March 2007
CEO The Ink Shop
Bribie Island Queensland Australia

 By the way I am liking the way the new website is taking shape, good work thanks! 

Eddie Y. November 2011


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