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What is SEO?

How is a website found?

what is Search Engine OptimisationFirstly there are billions of websites online BILLIONS! With millions more coming.

A good analogy is; imagine sitting on a beach anywhere and there is sand a far as the eye can see, the beach being the internet. Pick up one grain of sand and place it on your finger, that is your website!

Website Address or domain name address: When you are given a web address, (www soandso.com .au) or it is printed on a business card or advertisement, you take that address type that directly into the address bar in a browser on your computer and in most cases you are taken directly to the website. We say in most cases, because if the website is not SEO to the right standards the site will not open. However not a lot of search engine optimization is required because you have the address.

When a website opens you are normally taken to the home or index page this is the page that tells the search engines and your visitors what your website is all about. Then from a menu on the page invites you to visit other pages on the website.

Searching for information about or a business online? Visitors start a search by typing into the search bar within the search engine on their computer or mobile devises.

Like digging and picking up a shovel of sand, a search phrase is typed in to the search bar to find a related business to that search.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Visitors start a search on a subject by typing a word or phrase into the search bar on their computer or mobile devises. Like digging on the beach and picking up a shovel of sand, a search phrase is typed into the search bar to find related web pages to that search amongst all the pages on the world wide web.

Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of trying to make your website be found as high up in the rankings, preferrably on the first five if not the very first, page of a word or phrase search.

It needs to be understood this is where a website needs to preform and would need high quality SEO.

A website that has Good quality SEO makes the site stand out from the other grains of sand and become recognised and more desirable by the search engines as a site that is trust worthy easy to read and ready for display in the rankings.

In most if not all search engines once a search phrase is entered and the enter key pressed, the search engines go to work searching through the sand looking for websites containing the content related to the search words use in the search phrase.

Then in a matter of seconds brings forth ONLY 1000 websites listings 10 per page or 10 pages with ten listings.

Yet when a search is completed you will find that search has produced; as an example the search phrase - Website SEO – typed into the search bar produced the following the following - About 135,000,000 results (0.71 seconds)

That is a whopping 135 million results! So to be able to get a website to page one in this category could have some difficulties, but there are 10 websites listed on the first page of this search.

While some website have been online for a long time and they do get some preference these sites must be continually maintained up dated and SEO to the highest standards to hold ranking positions.

So the importance of a website being SEO to the highest standards is very important. And one needs to ask the website developer if they are capable of completing the task before they a given the job of building a website.

If a website is already built, before employing a SEO company and paying out thousands of dollars or jumping in to contract for a term to SEO a website, a request needs to be made to complete an evaluation on the coding of the current website.

That is the starting point check the coding of the website make sure that it is coded correctly to the highest SEO standards. Be aware of those offering to complete free reports as they have no interest in your business, the driving force with these people is money!

Do You want to Rank Higher in More Searches?

Some of the simple things a website owner can do to keep the website fresh:-


A website is not like a stagnate advertisement in a newspaper, a website is a floating advertisement and needs to be actioned to keep the search engine interested.

Change Content

Website owners need to change something on the website a lease once a week, daily is better, the search engines remain interested in website that are actioned regularly.

Quality Content

He who has good quality content and a lot of it on his/her website is KING. Add and change content regularly. Content is not only for the visitors. Content contains key words and key word phrases that the search engines LIKE!

Change the page names

Change some of you page names so they are searched for

Meta tags

Be sure you have all the correct Meta tags on your website

A title tag

The first line the visitors see with the find you in the ranking

A description tag

An information section that also displays in the rankings – A good description can help driver you website forward.

Key words

Key words are not as important if you have quality content on the page but to have a few still helps

Canonical Link

Every separate web page should have a Canonical Link as a tag in its head. This link directs the search engines to that page

Site Map

The search engines like site maps as the site map page normally has all the pages on the site listed in one place.


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