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What is a Website?

Domains on the Internet

what is a websiteA website is a display document of an individual's special interest, of a businesses presence or an advertisement. It is a domain - or address/location on the Internet - that maintains one or more web pages. The size or number of pages on a website can fluctuate but generally the more pages the better. A website can consist of one page, or thousands of pages, depending on what the website owner is trying to achieve.

A website is able to promote any type of information, and can include text, colour, graphics, animation and sound. It is a collection of specially designed website pages that are written in a computer language (code) the internet understands and needs to be built using a format that complies with the current industry standards.

A website can be and in most cases is a sales and marketing advertising tool that is usually used to promote a special interest or business. A website tells the story and like all good stories needs good quality content to get the message across. Helping SELL the product or service on offer.

The internet is a place where your website is able to tell millions of people about who you are and what you or your business is about. That if it works! If a website is not built to a high quality Search Engine Optimization standard (SEO) it will not be found by the search engines!

The thing to remember when you start to design and create your online presence (a website) is that you are not creating something so you can just look at it and understand it.

You are creating the website for people, future customers and visitors in general, so it needs to contain content and images that the customer wants to see and potentially BUY!

It is about what your visitors want!

The site also needs to be organized in a way that the VISITOR is able to get to the INFORMATION quickly, easily and makes sense. Always keep in mind that a website is a means of connecting, you connecting with the visitor and the visitor connecting with you and your website will only be successful when the website message is received by the intended user.

Why Do People Visit Websites?

In every case, people your visitors look at a website or websites for ONE primary reason.

Everyone goes to the internet to search for websites to find INFORMATION they go for no other reason!

So a website needs to be attractive but not over embodied with flash and music, a website should not distract the visitor form its purpose and that is gaining INFOROMATION that is all that is wanted from your website!

With information the visitor can spend money to buy your service or product. Or find your business address so they can visit your place of business in person, send you an email to ask a question so all of these things need to be in sight and ready to be viewed by all visitors to your site.

If you distract a visitor or ask them to go to work to search out information on your website you will lose those visitors.

A web page once it open it needs to display all the answers to the searcher immediately if it does not there are gone and they will not come back.




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